Live Free or Die!


End the Fed


Debt-based fiat currency and artificial interest rates are at the heart of nearly every economic malady faced by our nation. Remove the monopoly on money and allow competing currencies into the market. [>>Read more]



End the failed "War on Drugs"


The "Land of the Free" is bursting at the seams with non-violent prisoners. Prohibition failed and resulted in increased crime in the earlier part of the 20th century; it is folly not to recognize the same thing is happening today. And law enforcement is too often heavy-handed, creating unfortunate and even tragic consequences for people who were not endangering anybody else.

Repeal "Obamacare"


Every letter... there are no "good parts". The government cannot take care of us nor should it try. In every market segment in the medical industry, more government regulated insurance requirements have produced higher costs and more limited access to quality care. The free market is the cure.


Bring the troops home

All of them... right now. We are nearing 20 trillion dollars in debt; debt that has been incurred financing a military empire around the world that has not made anyone safer. What is worse, American lives are put in harm's way where no American freedoms are threatened, and innocent civilians are paying an unfair price. This must stop.



Abolish the Dept. of Education


"One-size-fits-all" education is... INDOCTRINATION! Children are unique individuals. Unleash the skills, talents, and passion of our professional teachers or homeschooling parents and LET THEM TEACH! Get Washington DC's undue influence out of New Hampshire classrooms. [>>Read more]

No more bailouts or foreign aid

Not one penny more! If tax dollars should go anywhere, they should go back to the taxpayers. After all, TAXATION IS THEFT!